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Becoming a Dad

Fatherhood for Gay Men through Surrogacy

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Increasingly more gay men are becoming fathers through surrogacy. During this webinar panel, leading fertility specialist and advocate for LGBTQ families, Dr. John Norian of HRC Fertility, explores in detail the potential of parenthood for gay men. His panel includes Kathryn Kaycoff and Lauri Berger de Brito, co-owners/co-directors of Agency for Surrogacy & Egg Donor Solutions, Inc., and Richard B. Vaughn, Esq., Founding Principal of the International Fertility Law Group, a law practice focused exclusively on assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Combined, all the speakers will be able to answer any questions you have about fatherhood through surrogacy, either in this session or through direct contact after viewing. Each panelist invites viewers to reach out with questions or to discuss their personal situation. Think of this webinar panel as “Surrogacy 101 for us” – with a complimentary consultation if desired.

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