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Out Professionals × National LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Out Professionals and NGLCC are the perfect complementary pair of nonprofits dedicated to helping LGBTQ Professionals advance their careers and businesses:

  • NGLCC is the business voice of the LGBTQ community and is the largest global not-for-profit advocacy organization specifically dedicated to expanding economic opportunities and advancement for LGBTQ people.
  • Out Professionals hosts meaningful networking and career-building events for both established and aspiring LGBTQ Professionals across the USA. We serve the 86.2%* of LGBTQ professionals who work for others, as well as many entrepreneurs and business owners.

Together, our organizations give participants and corporate partners unparalleled high-quality access to the LGBTQ professional community in the USA. Participants have the opportunity to effectively build and nurture professional relationships face-to-face while tapping into the immense talent pool of our unique and diverse community whether.

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or self-employed, Out Pro strongly encourages you to consider joining NGLCC. When you join NGLCC and better yet – become a Certified LGBTBE Business – you open the door to potential business from nearly 200 corporations and government agencies that actively want to diversify their suppliers.

“…There were many great nglccNY/Out Pro collaborations during my tenure running our New York City operations, and I personally benefitted so greatly from the network.”

Jonathan Lovitz He/Him
Senior Vice President
National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC)
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*Source: Community Marketing, 15th Annual and prior LGBTQ Community Surveys