Security Notice

On 4/18/2019, our site was subject to a ransomware/malware attack, which deleted our database.

Our site is currently being rebuilt, and it is now located on a new server with better security and automated backups.

Your financial information was safe and remains safe. It was never on our site.

Member and guest financial information has always been transacted through third-party financial sites (square, stripe, Eventbrite).

Your name, email and the password you use to access your profile/this site may have been compromised. If you use the same password for multiples sites, we recommend that you change the passwords to those sites as a precaution. Please read this advisory for best practices on password security.

Out Professionals Member Directory

Members will need to repopulate their member profiles at a later date. Coincidentally, we were already working on a new directory, which will require members to log in and update their information to take advantage of new services. In the new system, directory data will be stored on an encrypted, third-party site. We will keep you informed of the launch date of this exciting and powerful new benefit.